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Trust leads to solutions.

This is the philosophy that guides the Performance Team. Our personal development trainers  – Ina Brodersen, Bernd Steffens and Günther Wirkus – have been putting this philosophy into practice since 1999.  

If goals can only be attained with the aid of partners mutual dependency comes always into being.

Uncertainty of behaviour emerges when partners have a margin of action. That implies a previous uncertainty about a partner to act as desired. Accordingly, he has free and independent choice whether he keeps an arrangement entirely, only in part or not at all.

Both of these circumstances result in situations of mutual dependency, in which a partner has two choices: either to trust or not to trust his partner. Trust itself is not a risk but the decision – to trust or not to trust – become choices for managing risk.

Of course trust can lead to disappointment. Therefore, trust based upon reason requires a form of responsible supervision – and this must not be confused with distrust!

The goal of Performance Team is getting your team back on track:  teaching you how to build trust, training you to maintain it, but most importantly – showing you why trust is the cornerstone of building solutions.

performance|team - trust leads to solutions